In conversation with Amrik Singh

CEO and Founder of Areion International Ltd.

The CEO and founder of Areion International Amrik Singh told us his opinion on the use of technologies in the supply chain industry and how his company applies them now and their plans for the future.

Areion International is a company-distributor of industrial auto parts, focusing its business on the transportation industry. They have operations all over the world, including Africa, the Middle East, but mostly North America. In this complicated supply chain, Amrik is convinced that the main success factors are efficiency and competitive pricing.

Amrik shared that the active results of Areion International have been reached by implementing technologies that include diverse online processes like accounting, inventory, shipping, payment processing, as well as web conferencing. He highlighted that it saves valuable time and is cost-effective.

Having big plans for the future, the lead of Areion International is convinced that technologies will change and strongly affect the future of the supply chain industry. Mainly, technologies will be used to automate functions, reduce dependency on labor. Going forward, Amrik is definitely determined to implement the arising technologies into the processes of the business, depending on how they can be customized to the needs of Areion International.