Celebrating World Environment Day with Shohreh

Global Clean Tech Directory

Host: Welcome to our special World Environment Day podcast! Today, we’re delighted to have Shohreh with us, an inspiring woman entrepreneur who has initiated and innovated a platform to connect the global cleantech industry. Her vision is to create peace by developing a solution that harmonizes human, technology, and nature. Welcome, Shohreh!

Shohreh: Thank you for having me. I’m excited to share our vision and celebrate World Environment Day with you all.

Host: Shohreh, could you start by telling us about your platform and its mission?

Shohreh: Absolutely. Our platform serves as a global directory for the cleantech industry. It’s designed to connect companies, innovators, and stakeholders from all over the world. By facilitating these connections, we aim to promote collaboration and resource sharing, ultimately driving sustainable development. Our mission is to harmonize human activity with technology and nature, fostering global peace and a sustainable future.

Host: That sounds incredibly impactful. How do you ensure that the members of your directory are credible and trustworthy?

Shohreh: We have a rigorous verification process in place. Every member of our global cleantech directory is thoroughly vetted before being listed. This ensures that all companies and innovators featured on our platform are genuinely committed to sustainability and meet our high standards of credibility.

Host: It’s great to hear that you prioritize credibility. Can you tell us about the key features your platform offers to users?

Shohreh: Certainly. Our platform is very user-centric and offers a wide range of features. Users can search for cleantech solutions based on continent, category, and specific features. They can save their favorite listings, sort their research results, and access various functionalities such as ad campaigns, event creation, direct lead generation, appointment bookings, coupon offerings, and announcement postings. It’s designed to be a comprehensive tool for anyone involved in the cleantech industry.

Host: Those features sound very comprehensive. How does your platform facilitate global collaboration?

Shohreh: We believe in a world with no borders when it comes to sustainability. Our platform enables users from different parts of the world to connect, collaborate, and share innovative solutions. By breaking down geographical barriers, we hope to accelerate the adoption of sustainable technologies and practices globally.

Host: That’s a fantastic vision. I understand you have a special offer in celebration of World Environment Day?

Shohreh: Yes, to celebrate World Environment Day, we’re offering a 99% discount on one-year memberships for a limited time. We want to encourage as many individuals and organizations as possible to join our platform and contribute to the global cleantech community.

Host: What an amazing initiative! Shohreh, thank you so much for sharing your inspiring vision and innovative platform with us today. Happy World Environment Day!

Shohreh: Thank you! Happy World Environment Day to everyone. Let’s unite for a sustainable future.

Host: For our listeners who are interested in joining Shohreh’s platform and becoming part of the global cleantech community, visit [Platform URL] to take advantage of the special membership offer and start making a difference today.