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Garret Baquet has over 30 years in Technology, Media and Business Consulting, opened and ran retail computer service centers, brought several products to markets, He worked as a contractor in Television Operations for over a decade at JPL/NASA in media operations and as a Technical Engineer. He also ran the IT department/ Security / Infrastructure at a Lawfirm that spanned 5 states and 11 locations with 180 people for 7 years.

Over the last decade, his love for mycology, aquaponics, permaculture and horticulture has given him endless opportunities to apply technology, systems engineering and diagnostic skills. Co-founder of SaTeaBa, a CBD hemp company, he is also the cofounder of MycroDevice, a device to automate mushroom/plant cultivation, process control and monitoring. He is currently working on new cultivation techniques, substrates, aquaponics systems and permaculture gardens. The pandemic gave him the opportunity to work from home on cultivation and technology solutions. His goal is to provide the lessons learned and technology solutions developed to others.


7ENSOR is an IoT Sensor and Cloud Monitoring company that develops Horticulture, Mycology, Hydroponics, Agriculture, Educational and Scientific Instruments. We are looking to solve big problems with small devices. Food Security, Nutrition, Climate Change, Environmental Protection.
We believe in protecting consumers, the environment and the plants and animals that we nurture. We are leveraging IoT, ML, built with the design intent focused on high quality sensors and app based cloud monitoring to monitor/control environment conditions in “storage” totes, grow, terrariums buckets.
CO2 levels, humidity and temperature ranges are critical considerations in mycology and horticulture. Common sensors on the market only read temperature and humidity. We read CO2. Most sensors fail at ~80% humidity. Our sensor selection ensures that suitable environmental conditions can be maintained without sensor malfunction.
Our sensor selections can additionally monitor Air Quality which can identify methane, spoiled produce, and bacterial contamination. Our cloud based iOS/android/web app displays relevant real-time information, stores
chronological data, displays warning if user defined conditional thresholds are met. Notifications are also set if the device goes offline. Automations are user configurable.
We aim to help all cultivators collect data, save labor, limit losses and increase yields. We aim to empower small businesses, hobbyists, students and educators. We have developed a device that is “form factor” specific. It is made to fit in 2” holes in containers, deploys rapidly, is moisture resistant, cost effective and is useful in a wide array of cultivation scenarios.


  • TEMP, Humidity, CO2, VOC, Barometric Pressure
  • Can control external devices (Light, Fan, Heating Pad, Water Pump, Air Pump)
  • Mounts in greenhouse, tote, bucket, wall… even put it in a bag or mount to wall.
  • After installing a phone app, our devices rapidly connect to WiFi network. (~30 seconds per

We can push out OTA (over the air updates) to any internet connected device from the cloud servers. We built our devices from the ground up with microclimate for containers in mind. Our early versions were originally used to monitor our grows and greenhouses when not onsite. Our clients allowed use to use our devices to tune environmental conditions and collect data that would otherwise have been unavailable. Grow managers, operators and hobbyists often use rough data collection techniques or inadequate sensors. Data logging is often done manually or not at all. Additionally, we provide an additional and cost effective additional layer to existing operations.

Our form factor, the best we can tell is unique/novel. Our experience in technology, consulting and engineering set us apart from potential competitors. We have the experience and ability to rapid prototype hardware, software and 3D print components. Our unit cost is very low and readily scalable.

Initial Target Markets
— Grow Totes / Hydroponics Stores / Retail Product displays
— Initial Devices (CO2 Sensor, Temp, Humidity)
— Fan / Water Pump
— 5 Gallon Bucket “Cannabis/Hemp” STORANGE curing (AirPump)
— Horticulture / Seed starting
— Educational Market

Additional Markets:
— Remote Agriculture / Local Farming / Environmental Protection
— In-Home and Commercial Hydroponics Cultivation Solutions
— In-Home and Commercial Automation Control Systems
— Grow Tent
— Barn Monitor (race horses / cattle Chicken)