Revolutionizing Agriculture: The Impact of Agritech Innovations

At the recent Lumesmart Earth Day Conference and Trade Show, industry leaders converged to explore the transformative potential of agritech in revolutionizing agriculture. Among the key topics discussed were the benefits of LED lighting solutions, the importance of finding the right light recipe for greenhouse vegetable production, and the exciting advancements in space farming technologies.

Youth Entrepreneurship and Environmental Innovation: The conference featured Hasti Farrokhi, the Marketing Coordinator of Lumesmart LED Lighting Solutions, as the youngest presenter. Hasti highlighted Lumesmart Inc’s research partnership with the Niagara College Business and Commercialization Innovation Center, showing the essential role of youth entrepreneurship in driving environmental innovation within the agritech sector.
LED Lighting Solutions: One of the highlights of the conference was the presentation on LED lighting solutions for greenhouses, indoor farming, and vertical farming. LED technology offers numerous benefits, including energy efficiency, customizable light spectrums, and increased crop yields. Attendees gained insights into how LED lighting is reshaping modern agriculture by providing growers with precise control over light intensity and quality.

Finding the Right Light Recipe: Another significant topic covered was the recent research conducted at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Harrow Research and Development Centre on greenhouse vegetable supplemental lighting. By understanding the optimal light conditions for plant growth, researchers are paving the way for improved productivity and sustainability in greenhouse farming. This research highlights the importance of fine-tuning the light recipe to meet the specific needs of different crops.

Space Farming Technologies: The conference also delved into the frontier of space farming technologies, exploring the potential for sustainable agriculture beyond Earth. Speakers discussed initiatives like SpaCEA (Space Colonization for Environmental Agriculture), which aims to leverage space technology to address food security challenges on Earth while also laying the groundwork for future space exploration. The concept of utilizing space-based resources for agricultural purposes represents a groundbreaking shift in how we approach food production.

Greenhouse Technology Network (GTN): Attendees learned about the role of the Greenhouse Technology Network (GTN) in supporting Ontario’s greenhouse-related technology businesses. This collaborative research network facilitates knowledge exchange, fosters innovation, and accelerates the adoption of cutting-edge technologies within the greenhouse industry. By bridging the gap between research institutions and businesses, GTN is driving advancements in greenhouse technology and enhancing the sector’s competitiveness on a global scale.

Grow Ontario Market Initiative: The conference also highlighted initiatives such as the Grow Ontario Market Initiative, which provides support for agricultural innovation through programs like AgriInnovate and Government Grants. These initiatives offer financial assistance, tax credits, and resources to help agricultural businesses undertake large-scale projects, conduct research and development, and embrace technological advancements.

AgriMentor: Additionally, the importance of mentorship in agriculture was underscored with the introduction of AgriMentor, a mentorship program specifically designed for women farmers. This program aims to empower women in agriculture by providing them with guidance, support, and networking opportunities to help them succeed in the industry.

In conclusion, the 2024 Lumesmart Earth Day Conference and Trade Show provided a platform for cleantech industry stakeholders to explore cutting-edge advancements and collaborative initiatives shaping the future of agriculture.


Hasti Farrokhi , Marketing Coordinator, Lumesmart Inc. & Niagara College Canada project
Nassim Saneie , Electrical Sales Engineer , Lumesmart Inc.
Fadi Al-Daoud, Ph.D. , Greenhouse Vegetable Specialist Ontario Ministry of Agriculture
Saeid Mobini, Ph.D. , Adj Professor, Phytotron Manager Dept of Biology, Queen’s University
Davi Souza , Student, Researcher and Consultant , State University of Campinas
Luke Fountain, Ph.D. , NASA Postdoctoral Fellow , NASA Kennedy Space Center
Rita Sterne, Ph.D. , Project Manager , Greenhouse Technology Network
Nirajit Ajai , Business Development Manager , RDP Associates Inc.
Adelphine Kabedi , AgriMentor Program Manager , Union Des Cultivateurs Franco-Ontariens


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