Aimbuc, digital transformation at the heart of Zambia.

Benson Judge – Managing Director

Advanced information management and business Consultancy limited

Hi Benson. Thanks for accepting this interview. Tell us a little bit about your line of work.

Our vision is to transform quality of life, we are confident this can be achieved through quality services. Research is centre of our operation, we are continuously conducting in-depth studies of the market which helps us with strategic insights to provide tailored solutions and assist clients with implementing and managing project initiatives across industries at the interface of technology, with a focus in the provision of better systems and methods to information and process management.
Information is everything, what happens at all levels of existence is a matter of what information is present and how it gets managed through communication. We are determined to transforming quality of services as means of transforming quality of life through the optimisation of communication and information management by providing methods, systems and tools that integrate with human routine and business operations.

How will your industry change in the next 5 to 10 years?

The technology industry continues to make vast rapid expansion in every area, talk of health care industry where there is huge advancement in analysis of big data which is helping the strengthening of health care systems for better health care services, talk of Agriculture, Education and all other industries. With a consistent commitment to designing sustainable innovations that improve our way of doing things, the next 10 years is filled with endless possibilities of ideas that would better ways of doing thing and eventually improve quality of life.

How do you suggest new entrepreneurs get ready for these changes?

As the technology rapidly changes so is the market environment in which we conduct business, we either strategically adapt to the change or become extinct.

Thanks Benson for your time and we wish you luck in your awesome journey.