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5 Tips for Hiring Freelance Specialists for Your Supply Chain Business

5 Tips for Hiring Freelance Specialists for Your Supply Chain Business

Author: Vanessa Holwell

You want to overhaul your sales and marketing strategy for your manufacturing or supply chain business, but hiring new employees might stretch your budget too far. Instead, you can look to freelancers for the expertise you need. By hiring freelancers who specialize in sales and marketing in this field, as well as investing in industry-specific software solutions from Artintech, you can gain new leads and tap fresh sources of revenue. Follow these steps to find the perfect freelancers for the job!

 Understand the Benefits

 Why should you hire freelancers over full-time employees? If you need a new team member who can work with your company for years to come, hiring a full-time employee is necessary. But working with freelancers can be superior in some cases. Adecco states that by hiring freelancers, you will not have to cover costs like benefits, insurance, or paid time off. You also won’t have to provide office space or equipment. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about wrongful termination charges. Freelancers are generally highly skilled in their niches, so you most likely won’t have to provide training, either!

 Consider Off-the-Shelf Software

 You might be able to manage or automate certain tasks by investing in “off-the-shelf” software. In some cases, this can be a cheaper and more efficient solution than hiring a freelancer. An “off-the-shelf” software solution is sold with certain features and little to no customization – but for most small businesses, custom software would be an unnecessary expense! For instance, you can use invoicing and bookkeeping software to manage your finances or social media management software to automate posts.


Using online services for other processes can also be a boon for your business. For instance, you can work with an online formation service to establish your company as an LLC in Canada rather than filing by yourself. This will also allow you to avoid paying high fees for a lawyer. By forming an LLC, you’ll be able to save on taxes, enjoy flexibility in your personal payment system, and ensure that you are not personally responsible for any business debts.

 Define the Role

 Before you begin advertising an open freelance position, you need to clearly define the role and the candidate you’re looking for. Include this information in your job description. For example, if you specifically want to improve your search engine optimization strategy, you may not need someone who handles all aspects of digital marketing. Instead, you would want to look for a freelance SEO specialist. Make sure you understand which software programs they will need to use for your business, how much you can pay, and what skills they should possess.

 What to Look For in Candidates

 You’ll need to ensure that any freelancer you hire is familiar with your industry. They should have extensive previous experience working with manufacturing or supply chain companies. Furthermore, you should seek out candidates who understand the technology your company uses.

 Navigating the Hiring Process


After posting a job ad, you’ll likely receive work samples and pitches from several potentially qualified candidates. Schedule interviews with freelancers who seem promising so that you can learn more about their experience. Ask them industry-specific questions so that you determine if they’re the right fit for your company, and find out what kind of results they’ve achieved for their previous clients. Finally, set up a streamlined onboarding process so that you can get them set up within your company’s systems and send them key documents.


Working with freelancers can be a great strategy for your business. You can reap the benefits of hiring top talent without incurring many of the high costs. By following these tips, you’ll be able to find fantastic freelance candidates to help you reach your sales and marketing goals.


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