Information Technology Trends and the future of IT Services

ProTek Information Technology Limited
Dean McCarthy – Co-Founder & President

IndustrioTech: I hope you are doing great. Thank you for participating in this interview. Tell our audiences about yourself and your company.

Dean: ProTek is a computer and technology managed services provider. We work with you managing all aspects of your technology usage and needs, starting with desktops and servers for user support, security, software, patch/maintenance, and upgrades. Extending to peripherals like phones, tablets, printers, and specialized hardware and into your networks and perimeter security looking after your firewalls, emails spam support. We see ourselves as an extension of your management team, our ultimate goal is to see your business grow, utilize technology to drive down costs and improve operating efficiencies.

IndustrioTech:Tell us a little bit about your line of work.

Dean: The IT industry is always changing, not usually in giant leaps and bounds but in a slow and continuous glacier like movement. We never stop innovating, improving or transforming how people do work. Technology support started out with the classic break/fix program and has morphed to the current MSP, managed services program, paradigm. MSP’s are expanding into the co-managed realm of IT support. Co-managed is like it says, assist with either existing IT managers or general office managers to take on specific aspects of the technology systems. That might be security, or desktop support or road map planning, it could be special technology or projects.

IndustrioTech:How do you think your industry will change in the next 5 to 10 years?

Dean: The next zero to five years I certainly see the technology industry working a lot in the on-prem, hybrid or remote workspace, ensuring all three types function and interoperate. As businesses figure out how they want to work post-pandemic or in the now endemic phase of CoVid a lot of challenges exist. Businesses need to normalize these 3 kinds of work patterns, ensure that information and data can be accessed regardless of where, when or on what devices. Ensure collaboration is as easy as “walking down the hall and talking to someone in an office all the while making it as routine as it once was. Envelope all this in practical and effective levels of security, remember we aren’t just securing the on-prem location anyone, data and intellectual property could be on any device anywhere in the world.

IndustrioTech: How do you suggest new entrepreneurs get ready for these changes?

Dean: New entrepreneurs I think need to keep the idea of partnering in mind. Partner with or hire the right people/companies that will support your core vision. Do not try to be the do it all guy, focus on what excites you. If you make widgets, then focus on making them better, faster or widget 2.0. Leave technology or marketing or websites to specialized people in those verticals. You will find that you are more fulfilled, secure and see better results faster when you have a team of people all behind/beside you working for the common goal.

IndustrioTech: Thanks Dean for your time.