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How to bridge the digital gap between colleges and workplace

By: Dr. Amir Harandi,
CEO and Founder of Artintech Inc.

When we started selling the ProcéPax™ Supply Chain Management software, we learned that many of the college graduates working in the supply chain are not ready for the digital transformation of their companies. Many of these companies are losing money and competitiveness simply because their systems are old, slow, and inefficient. So the question was how to help the modernization of the industry, especially when it comes to small and medium-sized companies. The real gap was in the curriculum of schools. Students learn operations and supply chain theories, but they do not have hands-on experience working with state-of-the-art supply chain software systems.

So at Artintech, we designed the SCMSA™ Certificate program with the help of our experts to bridge this gap. Now, the graduates of this short and straightforward program can easily relate to IT systems, identify the benefits of using these systems, and have enough confidence to suggest implementing and using these IT systems. It means now they can reduce the cost of operations, increase the speed and accuracy of the work, and enhance the transparency and clarity of the processes.

Now many colleges and training institutes are empowering their students, with the help of this certificate training program. Students are better employable and more confident in the workplace.