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Digital Tech is a MUST in Manufacturing and Supply Chain

By: Imran Javid
Supply Chain Specilist
Toronto, Canada


Globalization and Technology development has led to come significant changes in the global economy. Globalization and Technology development has led a company’s supply chain management to become a complex process. Today we see companies operating in one part of the world have their manufacturing facilities across the globe. Role of Technology in Manufacturing and Supply chain reduces the time gap between the flow of information at a minimal cost and serves the customer efficiently.

Logistics holds an important place in the supply chain, as it puts the supply chain policies of management in action. Though Technology has revolutionized the supply chains, the development of logistical infrastructure has its limitations, and it cannot be improved beyond a limit. For example, information can travel with a speed of light, but only after taking its own time, the physical goods can reach. This constraint gives the logistics an important place, where its efficiency determines how well a supply chain can implement its lean policies into action physically and how well the benefits of Technology can be realized. With all its capabilities and constraints, the logistics define the success of a cutting-edge supply chain, determining the value created for the customers and other stakeholders by the on-ground execution of policies.

The integration of Information Technology in logistics has enhanced the overall effectiveness of Logistics. The functionality of different components of logistics and supply chain gets facilitated with the integration of IT.

Information Technology facilitates the real-time tracking of procurement as well as deliveries in logistics. It facilitates customer responsiveness of business.

Information Technology facilitates inventory management in logistics. Various companies use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to manage the inventory of raw materials as well as finished products in SCM and logistics.

Today’s competitive marketplace means there is less room for inefficiency, but the good news is that supply chain technology can simplify and optimize your business processes by using Technology.