BellTower, a digital transformation ambassador from Kenya!

BellTower, a digital transformation ambassador from Kenya!

Hi John. Thanks for accepting to participate in this interview. Tell our audience about BellTower. How do you help the industrial community?

BellTower is a solutions hub that strives to make a difference. We listen to problems presented to us and seek to provide products and services that will have a long-lasting sustainable impact.
BellTower is a multidisciplinary consultative design group that tailors its solutions to match your needs and aspirations. With new ways of thinking, our solutions save time, money and resources at a reasonable cost.
Established in 2014, we had the vision of using simple methods and technologies to solve problems. We came together with skills in Risk Management, Information Technology, Design, Project Management and Strategy to create solutions for personal, corporate and industrial needs.

John Brian Kamau

Consultant / Innovator

Tell us about the history of your activities. What are some of your achievements?

Our team has been involved in the planning and/or management of small, medium and large-scale programs for 15 local companies and 10 Fortune 500 multinational companies across financial, technology, telecommunication, energy, healthcare, educational, manufacturing, aviation and agricultural sectors. Below are the accomplishments we have achieved:

  • Won the 2020 Lexus Design Awards with our Open Source Communities’ water resource center.
  • Completed over 12 impact assessment and monitoring evaluation business advocacy reports for non-governmental organizations.
  • Provided over 100 cost-saving measures for multiple local and international enterprises e.g. in procurement, administration, financing, and operations.
  • Worked alongside local and international companies in various software integrations for business cases, user training and support.
  • Involved in digital content creation and management.
  • Performed risk-based analytics and continuous operational risk management self-assessments.

We are currently working remotely from Nairobi, Kenya and Dallas, TX USA.

Thanks John. We wish you and your team luck.

Founder Bio – John Kamau

John is an innovator, strategist and risk management professional with over 15 years of experience. He has worked in business IT risk management at GE Capital and JP Morgan Chase. 

In his consulting role in Kenya for BellTower, he has worked in the monitoring and evaluation of public policy programs for the Business Advocacy Fund where he researched and formulated impact assessment and monitoring reports on how policies affected businesses. He published them as well as other books.

John is the main visionary of the prestigious and highly competitive 2020 Lexus Design Award Winning Open Source Community project. His designs anticipate not only basic energy and water needs but sustainable food security and environmental approach for any society.  Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the project has benefitted people from all over the world on a day-to-day level as it was written in multiple articles across the world e.g., Forbes, Yanko Design, Architectural Digest, Dezeen among others including yesterday’s Lexus article in South Africa. We offer inspiration to other designers building out their projects. Our designs take a holistic approach while having a global perspective. This ensures that the solution adapts to multiple facets of the problem. Most recently, he is working with WaSoRe on their deep drilling expedition for Alpha Water

In addition, Mr Kamau is working on projects that required critical problem-solving skills to bridge the gaps in organizations as well as improve existing processes. This is mainly through smart software digitization strategies as an Artintech partner.

Driving a digital transformation with our clients, our technology partners help us deal with issues around low performance, slow work processes, high cost of operations, difficulty in communication processes, and human errors, among others. We even help those that are still using Excel files or depend on printing paper forms in their current process flows via a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software. In addition, we offer competitive solutions, including Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, business process management modules to drive automation as well as predictive analytical modules to provide insight for proper decision-making.