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Digital transformation and quality management: ensuring a bright future for your business

Digital transformation and quality management: ensuring a bright future for your business

Quality management is one of the most important practices in modern business. It covers everything from ensuring employees are complying with protocols to having quality checks on all final products. And, as companies seek to become more efficient and productive, it’s becoming vital to keep track of this data digitally so it can be accessed at any time – no matter where the employee or product is located. Here are some tips on how digital transformation can improve quality management and make your business future-proof!

Reza Jerdi

CQE, Quality Specialist

What does digital transformation mean?

The term digital transformation is thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean? The concept is simple, but few businesses know how to accomplish it. It’s no longer enough to have great technology; if you want to succeed in today’s modern market, you have to provide outstanding customer service that provides real value. This starts with developing an efficient quality management system (QMS) using tools like an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite or other custom software.

Why is it relevant for quality management?

A process is only as strong as its weakest link, which is why it’s imperative to ensure that each component of a process—from design to delivery—is effective. For instance, if an ERP software solution is not fully integrated with other systems in place, then these services will not be able to contribute effectively to customer satisfaction or provide actionable insights. IT professionals need to understand what happens within their processes at all levels to meet modern business standards in terms of both financial and technological capability.

How can you ensure that your organization embraces the change?

Creating an effective digital transformation strategy isn’t easy. It requires not just a shift in thinking, but also process innovation and organizational restructuring—including changes to leadership, funding models, measurement systems, incentives, reporting structures and more. For example, when creating operationalized nonconformance processes in QMS software solutions to drive down costs while increasing customer satisfaction. One way to get started is by using digital project management tools that create collaborative working environments based on communication through multi-touch user interfaces. This allows you to bring together people from across your organization into one place so they can work together toward a common goal. As you begin planning for digital transformation, it helps to start with some simple questions about how you want your organization to operate differently in five years’ time. This might include things like: What does success look like? How do we measure success? What are our strategies? How will we achieve them? And what will our culture look like then?

What’s next?

When you have a robust roadmap, it’s time to move digital with a tool that doesn’t break the bank, yet provides you with a proper functionality. Artintech ERP, for example, is one of these tools. The software is a SaaS Cloud ERP, which means you don’t have to be worried about having a technical IT staff on-site for maintenance or upgrades. It is accessible from anywhere via a secure dashboard. And you don’t need considerable investment. The affordable monthly plans allow you to scale as you need and pay as much as it creates value for your organization. There are other modules in Artintech ERP, which makes it even easier to collaborate between the Quality department, other departments, and the company’s management team.

No matter what tool you use, ensure the provider has the right implementation partners and support team. Also, check if the software provider has a good knowledge base and videos on using the system. A simple interface, an easy-to-use system, and proactive support will make your quality team a shining start team in the organization.