Reducing Employee Turnover Rate in Your Organization

Reducing Employee Turnover Rate in Your Organization

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At the start of every year, the rate of employee turnover gets relatively higher and is largely influenced by factors such as lack of career growth, inefficient management, inadequate compensation, and poor workplace culture. Of all factors, career growth proves to play a major role. 

According to the 2021 Pulse American Worker Survey, 46% of employees expressed the need to learn new skills to effectively do their jobs in the next year, while 53% stated that they would remain in their companies if given the right career development opportunities. Further research has shown that enabling career growth not only drives employee satisfaction but also makes a company twice as attractive to potential hires.

There is no gainsaying that employee satisfaction is at the core of successful businesses; as such, employee development schemes such as career training, seminars, or conventions should be a key selling point that companies push in their recruitment messages, as well as their mission statements. This not only drives interest in potential hires but also fosters likely corporate partnership opportunities.

With this, we would like to welcome you to Eny Consulting Inc. We are an Information Technology and Digital Solutions company, and a silver implementation partner with Artintech. We offer 360-degree consulting and advisory for businesses by auditing their systems and helping them implement cutting-edge technology solutions to improve their processes and increase their revenue. Our team of seasoned consultants has expertise in all areas of Information Technology and business, with a combined experience of over 50 years across 20+ industries.

We also provide career audit and development services for professionals through our coaching programs and professional certifications to help them advance in their fields and increase their income. Additionally, we offer specially curated corporate training programs across areas such as business analysis, project management, risk analysis and management, change management, and cyber security.

Our Founder/CEO is Eno Eka, an award-winning 7-figure Business & Technology consultant, and change manager who is based in Alberta, Canada. She has been recognized globally for her work and featured on platforms such as Forbes, The New York Finance, Channels Television, IIBA, RBC Women of Influence, Universal Women’s Network, and many others

Here at Eny Consulting Inc., we are committed to helping companies achieve their business goals by leveraging technology to drive effective change in their processes, increase their revenue, and improve the strength and quality of their human capital. We are your trusted Information Technology and business solutions partners.